Our furniture can be divided for individual and commercial use, be it for home, office or bar/restaurant/hotel.





Kitchen is our specialty where we produce not only the most modern and advanced designs, but we also used the mechanisms produced in Germany that provide stability and comfort to the end user. Our kitchen differ depending on the environment that the house is located, be it in city centers, around the lake or mountains. Please click here to go to the gallery and watch some of our kitchen works.




When you are asked what is the one most important piece of furniture at your home, you will immediately think of a place where you spend 30% of your life, and that’s bedroom. You want piece of mind, comfort and tranquility. When we design bedrooms, we have in mind all three values to make sure that you feel as comfortable at your home as it can be! Please click here to go to the gallery and watch some of our bedroom works.




And than it comes the other part of our daily life, the place where we relax, stay with family or just watch a movie. A place where another big chunk of our life is spent while being active and this requires relaxation, something that a good combination of colors, designs and quality furniture can provide. Anything related to living room, from couches to TV sets, coffee tables and bookshelves are part of our production lines. Please click here to go to the gallery and watch some of our living room works.



Office space needs to motivate teams while it should provide comfortable working environment through the day. Orendi LLC provides table sets that utilize the best the expensive office spaces, while keeping in mind group and individual work. In addition to working tables, Orendi LLC produces conference room sets, shelves, drawers and all necessary office related furniture. Please click here to go to the gallery and watch some of our office works.




Our last line of production includes the commercial sector of the hospitality industry, including restaurants, bars and hotels. The good ambient, where customers feel at home and relaxed, is a must for any hospitality business. In fact, a badly planned interior design and furniture in a restaurant can send the business to failure! That’s why we have a specialized team of interior designers who can propose to you different designs for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to propose something that no person can imagine!